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The company

About ValensPay

Valens Pay is a fintech company and wishes to interrupt the current complex financial services market via easy access to standard and advanced financial services and products, combined with white-labelling capability to larger institutions and companies.

The focus is on an easily accessible platform with web access and Apps (IOS and Android)) with swift and online onboarding processes. This will ensure a short period from when a decision is made until an individual or company becomes a user.

Valens Pay is registered in British Colombia, Canada and holds a Money Service Business License, M21914872 issued by FINTRAC and also holds an office in the heart of London, United Kingdom and in Skanderborg, Denmark. Valens Pay is focused on offering fintech products with a global perspective.

The company is focused on becoming a larger long-term player in the fintech industry, and therefore the platform will be continuously improved and further features added.